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Hey there...

Just dropping by to say this is kind of the end for Nothing New. After a non planned blogging hiatus last year (wedding planning sucks the life out of you takes up all your free time) the time felt right to star a fresh. I have launched a brand new blog and I'd love you to follow me over there... onceaglimpse.com.

Go check it.  I plan to fill my new little corner of the internet with beautiful photos that maybe captured on Lomography film or snapped on my iPhone; with wholesome delicious recipes; with stories of adventures had and lessons learnt; with music and playlists; with hopes, fears, dreams… food! Things that inspire me and may hopefully inspire you too. I have plenty scheduled for the coming weeks to give you a taste of what to expect. Thanks to everyone who's been reading along and ever left me a comment. I do hope you'l keep reading... onceaglimpse.com.


Lately: Instagram Snaps

[Insert generic blogger apologies for not posting recently.] In all honestly I'm thinking that Nothing New is not long for this world. I can't quite put my finger on it but I've lost the love for this little space of mine here. I've toyed with the idea of a refresh and revamp but starting over from scratch just seems more appealing at this stage. A new decade, a new blog. A new decade for me that is, as I will be turning the big three-0 in under two weeks.

Anyways, aside from the usual cooking, eating and binge watching TV, my lately has mainly revolved around house hunting. Which although super exciting, is also kinda scary and frustrating - offers have been rejected, appointments cancelled, property prices seem to be rising before our very eyes. That said I'm enjoying the hunting, plus Will and I seemed to be on the same page about what we want which is novel nice.

In other news; last week we celebrated our 8 year anniversary with a tasty dinner at new vegetarian restaurant Flow and last weekend saw the 6 Music Festival rock into town which was ace! Although these pictures have nothing to do with any of the above...

//1 A beautiful, freshly painted pink cosmos on Jamaica Street, Bristol 

//2 One of my lovely bridesmaids had this book signed for us as a wedding present. Nigel is our favourite and his new book is brilliant.

//3 Will got me these Mulder & Scully collar pins for Christmas. They are made by Kate Gabrielle, who has a very cute blog. I'm loving the new season of The X Files!

//4 One of my favourite things about house hunting has been exploring new areas of Bristol. No 12 Easton has quickly become my new favourite coffee & brunch spot. It's well worth a trip East for a visit.

//5 Here you can see the lovely old chimneys of Colston Street against the office blocks of Nelson Street with their impressive giant street art. I just love the contrasts of the Bristol skyline.

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Whole 30 Meal Plan: Weeks Two & Three

Here's my Whole 30 Meal Plan for weeks two & three. The last couple of weeks have definitely been easier than the first, with hunger and cravings staying at bay. I've also noticed a real rise in my energy levels (that much lorded Whole 30 hole grail!).

I also ate out twice last Saturday. With a few little tweaks to menu options I had a bun-less avocado & fried egg burger at The Old Bookshop and a chicken salad at Biblos on the Hill. I did my best to check that everything was Whole 30 compliant but I can't be 100% sure. I decided to be ok with that as it's the only time I'm going to be eating out this month.

I've mainly been packing leftover for lunch at work so I haven't listed many lunches below. Links to recipes and how I Whole 30'd them up!

Day Eight // Saturday
Dinner - Steak w/ Sweet Potato Chips & Coleslaw

Day Nine // Sunday
Dinner - Jerky Ham Hock 

Following this Jamie Oliver recipe - swapping honey for apple juice & omitting the rum.

Day Ten // Monday
Dinner - Roast Aubergine & Tomato Courgetti

Day Eleven // Tuesday
Dinner - Lemon & Herb Mackerel Fillets, Cauliflower Rice and Tahini Dressing (recipe)

Day Twelve // Wednesday
Dinner - Apple Cinnamon Pork Chops

Following this recipe - swapping cider for apple juice, omitting the sugar and using a little coconut milk instead of cream.

Day Thirteen // Thursday
Dinner - Blacken Salmon & Green Goddess Salad

Blogged the recipe for this favourite here. 

Day Fourteen // Friday
Dinner - Sticky Sesame Chicken

Day Fifteen // Saturday
Lunch -Avocado & Fried Egg w/ Coleslaw at The Old Bookshop
Dinner - Jerk Chicken at Biblos on the Hill

Day Sixteen // Sunday
Lunch -  Chicory & Tinned Mackerel Salad
Dinner -No Bean Chilli

Day Seventeen // Monday
Breakfast -Mushroom Omelette
Lunch -Roast Sprout Salad with Lemon Dressing
Dinner - Courgetti Puttanesca

Day Eighteen // Tuesday
Dinner - Chile Roasted Chicken & Sweet Potato (recipe)

Day Nineteen // Wednesday
Dinner - Stuffed Peppers & Smoked Mackerel fillets (recipe)
Day Twenty // Thursday
Dinner - Pork Steaks, Mashed Squash & Charred Fennel
Day Twenty One // Friday
Dinner - Lamb Kofta  & Cauliflower Tabouleh

Don't forget to follow @charlie_eats for daily foodie updates.

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Sunday Best : Bowie Tributes

Urgh this week. 

As a huge David Bowie fan the sad news about his death has left me broken hearted and blue. However, along with the grief and sadness it's been so lovely to see the outpouring of love and celebration of his amazing life. There's been some incredibly beautiful and moving tributes here's a few of my favourites...

// Stardust for Bowie - A lighting bolt constellation has been named after Bowie by Belgian astronomers and you can add your favourite song to the constellation as a tribute on the website.

// What I wouldn't give to have been in New Orleans as Arcade Fire hosted a David Bowie parade!

// Musicians, film makers and other creatives share their favourite Bowie song.

// Amanda Palmer with some wise and lovely words.

// Time Out shared a poster made up of 101 legends who were influenced by Bowie.

// Bleubird blog shared a wonderful selection of images.

// Jimmy Fallon being sweet.

// Life On Mars by St Albans Cathedral organist.

// Sali Hughes in The Pool on why the "grief police" should just sod off and let everyone share their mourning how they want.

// And many more must read Bowie Tributes.

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Sunday Best

Although I was actually in the office in between Christmas and New Year the first full week back is always a bit of a killer. So after a tired week the weekend has been spent indoors hiding from the rain, cooking, eating, sorting & planning - perfect January vibes. Here's my favourite bits from around the web in the first week of this new year...

[Edit: I wrote this post  sat on my bed listening to Bowie's new album on a rainy Sunday afternoon, before the sad sad news of his passing came on Monday morning]

// David Bowie's new album Black Star came out this week. Find out what the great man was doing when he was your age.

// I was given a wonderfully cosy shawl for Christmas and just bought another in the Urban Outfitter sale. Legitimately getting away with pretty much wearing a blanket is my new thing.

// Celeriac, Goat Meat & Middle Easten Cooking - here's  2016's Food Trends.

// Everything I know about life I learned from Ani Difranco - Me & Orla posted some beautiful, powerful quotes from the brilliant poet & songwriter.

// This Debrief post Things You Only Know If You Went to an All Girls School  really rang true with my personal experience of same-sex ed and made me feel lucky to still have such good school friends in my life.

// Five Things Star Wars The Force Awakens Has Taught Us About Feminism

// I left it too late to grab tickets for Cannoli & Gun's The Grand Budapest Hotel film & banquet event in Bristol - so hope they add another night!

// "it’s your right to define what you love about a band, and it’s your right to decry their actions and words as you see fit" - James Murphy eloquently explains / defends why LCD Soundsystem are back

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Meal Plan: Whole 30 Week One

So week one of my January Whole 30 is complete and it's been pretty darn tasty! There's been a lot of Asian, Indian and Mexican flavours, but that's very much standard for my cooking - gimme all the chilli, garlic, lime & coriander!

A Whole 30 entails a month of good eating, with an emphasis on removing processed and sugary foods from your diet. It follows similar rules to a Paleo diet: consisting chiefly of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit and excluding dairy or cereal products. I know this sort of detoxing isn't for everyone but I'd read a lot of good stories about doing a Whole 30 and wanted to give it a go!

On the whole I haven't felt deprived of anything or had any cravings. I had a bit of a slump mid-week of feeling tired and a bit spaced out but that may've been the effects of the first full week back in the office after Christmas. Likewise I'm definitely feeling more healthy already but that happens after Christmas, when you stop having chocolate for breakfast!

Here's what I've been cooking and eating for this first Whole 30 week. I'm documenting and writing mini-recipes over on Instagram at @charlie_eats, so follow me there for daily updates. 

Day One // Saturday
Brunch - Herby Garlic Mushrooms on grilled romano peppers & wilted spinach (recipe)
Dinner - Shredded Duck & Lettuce Wraps (recipe)

Day Two // Sunday
Breakfast - Curried Spiced Scrambled Eggs (recipe)
Lunch - Smoked Salmon & Cucumber Salad (recipe)
Dinner - Goan Fish Curry

Day Three // Monday
Breakfast - Banana, Blueberry & Hazelnut Bowl
Lunch - Smoked Mackerel, Beetroot & Salad
Dinner -Lime & Chilli Chicken w/ Mashed Sweet Potato

Day Four // Tuesday
Breakfast -Avocado & Cherry Tomatoes
Lunch - {leftovers} Goan Fish Curry 
Dinner - Lamb Meatballs & Cauliflower Rice

Day Five // Wednesday
Breakfast - Mushroom Omelette
Lunch - {leftovers}Lamb Meatballs & Cauliflower Rice w/ Coconut Dip (recipe)
Dinner - Mackerel Potato Salad

Day Six // Thursday
Breakfast - Smashed Avocado
Lunch - {leftovers} Mackerel Potato Salad
Dinner - "Mezze": olives, artichokes, salami, cashews

Day Seven // Friday
Breakfast - Banana, Blueberry & Hazelnut Bowl
Lunch -  Salmon & Avocado Salad
Dinner - Mexican Style Pork Belly Lettuce Wraps (recipe)

My plan for next week is to be more organised with breakfasts and lunches and try to have more protein at lunch to stave hunger till dinner. Are you on a January healthy kick? Let me know how it's going in the comments or on Twitter.

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Vintage On The Small Screen: And Then There Were None

One of my favourites from this year's pick of Christmas Telly was the BBC adaptation of Agatha Christie's 'And Then There Were None' which features some pretty gorgeous vintage style inspiration. The story follows ten strangers who are invited to a remote island by a by a mysterious host. When the party starts to get killed off one by one the guests, who include Tywin Lannister, Rita Skeeter and Poldark, realise there is a killer amongst them!

Set in 1939 and filmed on the Cornish coast the production looked beautiful and certainly succeeded in having me thoroughly creeped out by its conclusive third episode. What really caught my eye  - aside from a shirtless Aiden Turner - was the shirts and dresses worn by female lead Vera. Her refined secretary style, all pussy bow shirts and long pencil shirts, was right up my street in terms of vintage style. Me? Lusting over a sweet vintage style shirt... SHOCKER!!

Did you watch 'And Then There Were None'? What did you think of the show and it's vintage style? If you missed it I recommend watching it on the BBC iPlayer whiles its there.

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