Friday Favourites

Some things that have caught my attention this week....

Anthropologie Homeware

Vintage Inspired Harry Potter Posters

Portlebay Popcorn

Arctic Monkeys New Single 


Boardwalk Empire

The prohibition era drama, Boardwalk  Empire, is back for it's 4th season in September and I for one can't wait. The show is up there with my all time favourites; It's certainly gritty, occasionally gory but always glamorous and gorgeous to look at. In my opinion the perfect combination of style AND substance.

These amazing promo posters have made me very excited and intrigued to see how the new faces fit in to the seedy world of Boardwalk.


Wednesday Wants

Oh so pretty pastels.....

~ Modcloth Spring in Every Season Jeans in Mint
~ Lilac ASOS Satchel Bag with Scallop Trim
~ Peppersmith Sciliian Lemon & Peppermint sugar free mints (I buy mine from Sainsburys)
~ Urban Outfitters Urbanears Plattan Headphones in Coral
~ Lime Crime pastel lipsticks (in Mint To Be, Coquette & New Yolk City)

I would love to know your thoughts.... do you love pastels too?