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My Record Player

I started collecting vinyl long before I got or even thought to get a record player.  I think I started with this classic Disney album found in an antique shop on holiday in Cornwall.

Over the next good few years I would pick the odd record at vintage sales and thrift shops... mainly classic albums whose covers got put up on my walls.

I think the existence (and ever increasing profile) of Record Store Day really cemented the idea in my mind that owning a record player and buying vinyl could be a lot more than a faddy gimmick and there was a world to discover beyond those tatty boxes in charity shops.

Thankfully, knowing that I have a habit of talking about a good idea long before acting on it, my boyfriend decide to take matters in to his own hands & bought me a record player for Christmas. Best present ever or what?!

Since Christmas we have had such fun exploring Bristol's record stores -  we're lucky to have two excellent independent records stores for new releases and a multitude of shops and market stalls dedicated to selling good quality pre-owned vinyl.  Despite this my collection is still rather modest because unfortunately record buying is not the cheapest of hobbies. So although I'm now quite passionate about vinyl I'm certainly no fanatic - I just can't afford to be! I already pay £10 a month for a Spotify account so  it can be a struggle to justify spending money on albums I already own or at least have access to. I've decided to combat this that if there is an album I know I want to own on vinyl I need forbid myself from adding it to Spotify until I've bought the LP.

Which brings my to my most recent purchase..................

The new Arctic Monkeys album AM is brilliant, real sexy rock and roll and of course I can't help but love their look and style (and Alex Turner's quiff - Swoon!) I splashed out and got the deluxe edition for £25 which got me an additional 7" with two non album tracks and a photo booklet.

Would you like to get a record player or do you already have vinyl collection?

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