Time Flies....

Hi there Blog, it's been a while...I can't believe  it's almost the end of October! Honestly it feels like summer's festival season only just finished. I always feel that once September is done I hurtle towards the years end at lightning speed but really that's a whole quarter of the year! 

I think having events planned and things to work towards makes the time go quicker and my days, evenings and weekends have recently been filled to the brim. I will be posting separately about some of the fun things I've been up to - like my Mum's wedding, and setting up an Etsy shop to sell lovely vintage things - but for now here's a few photos from the last month or so.....

In September we went to the Upton Cheney Chill Festival. Where I tried dozens of different chilli chutneys, had a chilli burger with chilli cheese, got to help judge a chilli con carne cooking competition and even had a chilli cider! Also saw these beautiful Twilight Chilli plants in their growing tunnels and bought a plant to take home. I did know before that the chillies start out this beautiful purple colour before turning yellow then red.

Along with a couple of friends we had an amazing night at the circus. We went to the launch night of a Circus Festival which has been taking place at the Creative Common in Bristol over the last month. We saw lots of incredible performances from circus and cabaret acts followed by lots of gin drinking and dancing to a brilliant gypsy folk band.
They were also doing vintage style photo shoots there which of course I couldn't resist.

Another Bristol weekend another festival of sorts...this time a beer festival. There were so many different types of ale to try that I managed to find a few half pints that I liked, there was an especially tasty raspberry lager, but as you can probably tell from the picture ale is not really my thing. As well as all the beer there was BBQ food, live rockabilly bands and a DJ who played some excellent Rock & Roll music and that was definitely my thing!
I know people can get annoyed by the current trend of Instagram-ing our every move but personally I love taking lots of photos to document what I've been up to. It's nice when time feels like it's going too fast to take a little time to look back and remind yourself what you've been up to. 

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