This Is Halloween....

Happy Halloween everyone!!! I just adore Halloween, I love the dressing up, carving and cooking pumpkins, the scary films and Halloween themed music - all of it!

Here's how I'll be celebrating this year....


~The Nightmare Before Christmas~
I think I have watched this film every year at Halloween since seeing it at the cinema as a child.  It's a beautiful film and watching it  gives me that lovely nostalgic feeling, it has the added bonus of stating to make me feel Christmassy too!

~ Buffy the Vampire Slayer ~
I'm a little obsessed with Buffy so decide to have a little 'Hallowhedon' fun and watch the three Halloween episodes - Halloween, season 1, Fear Its Self, season 4 & All the Way, season 6 - back to back. I usually binge on episodes in sequence but it was fun to watch them according to a theme instead.


~ Pumpkin Risotto with Leek & Crispy Smoked Bacon ~ 

~Pumpkin Soup with Croutons~

Pumpkin makes for perfect comfort food on cold, dark winter's evenings. I made up the recipe for this hearty risotto as I went along and had more pumpkin than I needed so I also whizzed up a yummy soup. When I have a little more time I will update this post to share my recipes.


~Wednesday Addams~
On Saturday night I am going to a Halloween party dressed as Wednesday. She's such a classic gothic character that I can't believe I've never dressed up as her before. The party is has a film & TV Halloween theme - I can't wait to see what other people dress up as!

Don't you love Halloween!? How have you been celebrating my favourite holiday?


  1. yes I do. I didn't dress up this year - but I watched some halloween movies ( hocus pocus).

    xx Alecia www.likesof.us

    1. Hi Alecia - thanks for your comment. I love Hocus Pocus...actually when I was a kid I used to have quite a crush on the boy who plays Max in it! Hope you had a good Halloween. Charlie xo