Weekenders On Our Own.....

....it's such fun.

This weekend....

~one~  I'm in love with this Bellfield coat I tried on at a local boutique Fox & Feather
~two~  I signed up to take part in Oh Comely's November care package project. You get paired up 
           with a stranger & then send each other a lovely box full of personal touches & wintry treats.
~three~ Finally watched the new trailer for The Grand Budapest Hotel. It looks like it'll be another 
            beautiful trip into the wonderful world of Wes Anderson.
~four~  On Sunday I joined friends for a delicious Sunday roast at The Gallimaufry pub in Bristol.
            It's a lovely vintage style bar with a wonderful collection of curios & artwork. I highly 
            recommend the pork belly roast if you should find yourself there.

On Sunday came the sad news of the passing of rock icon Lou Reed. His album Transformer, which was produced by Davis Bowie & Mick Ronson, is one of my all time favourites. What a legend - RIP Lou Reed. 

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