Gift Guide: A Pie Kit For The Foodie In Your Life

As a foodie myself I love receiving cookbooks. Cookbooks make good presents but accompany a cookbook with gifts of utensils to make the recipes within said book and you've got a fantastic present!

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Pieminister are an awesome Bristol based company whose delicious pies you can find across the UK at their restaurants, festival stalls and even in supermarket aisles. Their cookbook 'A Pie For All Seasons' is gorgeous and as the name suggest the recipes see you passed the winter months with pies you can make all year round. Gift this alongside some pie making essentials to give someone all the tools they need to get baking - just be sure to invite yourself round for dinner in January.

Here are some lovely items for inspiration....
~ one ~

~ two ~

~ four ~

~ three ~

~ five ~

                                                         ~ one ~  Pie Set by Falcon
                                                         ~ two ~  Rolling Pin by Raymond Blanc
                                                         ~ three ~ Handcrafted Pastry Brush
                                                         ~ four ~  A Pie For All Seasons - Pieminister Cookbook
                                                         ~ five ~   Le Creuset Pie Funnel

Credit for this fab idea goes to Will as a member of his family will be receiving a similar collection of gifts on Christmas Day ~ I have a feeling they're going to love it.
Strangely we have given the Pieminister book to a few people as a present now but still don't own a copy ourselves! (....puts book on Christmas wishlist)

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