A Month Of Sundays ~ 01/12

I've spent some time this month doing some thinking and planning for this here blog of mine, coming up with ideas for posts and more regular features. Inspired by the beautiful 'portrait a week' series I've been following on Bleubird and more recently It's the Little Things, a photo series is something I knew I wanted to get started with in the New Year but I didn't have such a clear subject as those ladies. Although this blog often serves as a sort of photo diary anyway I thought it would be nice to have a go at regularly documenting a particular moment / day... and I figured Sunday mornings are the best aren't they?

So here is the first in my new series 'A month of Sundays' capturing my life in Sunday (mostly) mornings - I'll do my best not to turn these posts into 'portraits of all the boiled eggs I've eaten'!

05/01 Last morning with the Christmas tree & getting a New Year's resolution off to a good start by
         planning food for the week with my new cookbooks.
12/01 Sunday morning blogging 
19/01 Homemade multi-seed loaf
26/01 We were defeated by this puzzle 

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