A Month Of Sundays ~ 02/12

02/02 Will washing up after prepping pulled pork to marinade for supper
09/02 Brunch before heading home from London. Our friend has recently opened a café called Trade,
         if you'e in the Spitalfields area do check it out - the Chrizo & Scrambled eggs was delicious!
16/02 The wonderful Better Food Co. on Whiteladies Road - you know I can't resist a squash!
23/02 Whiled away this rainy Sunday with some sewing. Anyone else inspired by the new series of
         The Great British Sewing Bee?

Well February was pretty lovely, aside from all that rain; I'm so glad it's been feeling like spring is in the air recently. March is going to be a busy old month for me, starting with my birthday, lots of gigs to go to, I'm starting a new job and we're having the first Bridesmaids meet up for my best friends wedding - girly squeals all round!

What are you looking forward to in March?

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