My Favourite Comfort Foods

In my recent round up post I flippantly stated that for me Spaghetti Carbonara is king of the comfort foods but I got to thinking about this more seriously (way too seriously) and considering what other meals could be contenders for the crown. So here's a collection of my ultimate comfort foods, not my necessarily my favourite meals but the sort of thing I want to cook and eat to warm the cockles when the weather is cold and miserable. A recurring theme seems to be that when it comes to comfort I crave meals that are creamy, carby and beige in colour!

1// A simple Chilli Con Carne
2// Macaroni Cheese
4// Leek & Potato Hot Pot (this recipe is as close to my Mama's as I could fine online)
5// A mild(ish) creamy Thai Green Curry
6// Cauliflower Cheese

So what's your favourite comfort meal or food? Are you with me in the creamy and cheesy camp? Other people I've asked seem to be all about gravy dishes, like stews and roast dinners, is that more you thing?

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