Mad As A March Hare!

Well it's certainly been a while since I last posted, but don't worry guys, you can call off the virtual search party (I'm just going to assume there was one)! Sorry for the blog blackout - boy have I been busy, I knew I would be though, I even said so in my last post.

Since last posting about a month ago I've started a new job, celebrated my birthday and my sister's birthday, had weekends away to London & Devon, been to lots of gigs, foraged wild garlic and tried to make the most of the lovely sunshine.   

As I said it's been birthday season in my family and I wanted to share these photos taken recently of me and my gorgeous little sister Sunnie while we were celebrating our birthdays which are a fortnight apart.  She's little in age but *obviously* not height  - she's 6 years younger, but about 6 inches taller, than me! We'd both had our haircut that day by our brother Josh, it sure is pretty cool having a hairdresser in the family.

So tell me.... what's been going on with you? xx

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