Vintage On The Small Screen // Mad Men Vintage Emmy Ads

Ah Mad Men, when I try to write about it, it all gets a little too gushy ...lets just say I LOVE it............
*a lot*. If like me you're feeling glum that part 1 of Season 7 is over and we have to wait a whole year to find out how it all ends (although, at the same time glad that it's not all over just yet) don't worry there's plenty online to keep you going - at least until the brilliant Boardwalk Empire is back in September.

Want to see plot synopsis for each episode on post-it notes accompanied by wicked doodles? This is the blog for you! However, if you like to get all deep into the plot and symbolism of of the show then check out Frances Roberts' Den of Geek reviews. Lots of other good reads on Flavour Wire, The Guardian & Buzzfeed (of course!).

If you're more about the style than the substance then check out Tom & Lorenzo's style posts or how about a handy catalogue of every single outfit worn by Megan - ever!

Ok, all that makes me feel better about my obsession, and last but not least these gorgeous Emmy campaign posters AMC have released are simply brilliant... which is your favourite?

If you also love talking about Mad Men please comment away! What was your favourite episode/ moment/outfit? Sally Draper has to be the best dressed child in TV history right? Is it weird that after years of disliking I now pretty much love Pete Campbell??! And how on earth are the gonna end it? Knowing Mad Men there's a lot of loose ends that won't be tied up.


Well That Was Nice...

I don't know about you but I really enjoy all the 'Happy Friday' and weekly round ups that fill my Bloglovin' feed on a Friday. So here my little round up of those thing that made my week that little bit nicer...

// Finally watching Joss Whedon's recent version of 'Much Ado About Nothing'. It looks beautiful and is brilliantly funny - watch it.

// Having lovely chats to both my siblings at different points in the week. My brother called me from the airport before he left for New York (so jealous) which I though was sweet - ok he had hours to kill but still! And my little sisters made me laugh a lot with her stories.

// Seeing Son Lux at The Exchange on Thursday. I was really blown away by their show and has to be my favourite gig of the year so far!

// Making guacamole at 8am because I decided the uber-ripe avocado in my fruit bowl would simply not last the day - I dubbed this emergency guacamole and it was pretty darn tasty. This pin about avocados is silly but so true but apparently this is how you tell if they're ripe before you buy - who knew?!

// Discovering that an Anthropologie store has just been opened in Bath - this calls of a little day trip this weekend. Also noticing that Joy are opening a new store in central Bristol and how excited Will was by this - actually it's opening right near his office, which could be dangerous, that boy loves to shop!

// I don't follow many celebrities on Instagram but this week Seth Green and his wife Claire Grant (they are the perfect geek couple) have been in England and I've loved seeing all the photos of their adventures. They seem to be have the best time sight-seeing, including lots of places I can't believe I've never visited- Tower of London, Churchil's War Rooms, St Paul's, Platform 9 3/4 (!) It's really inspired me to try and do more 'touristy' things.

// These posts on Oh Comley making Violet Lemonade & Violet Cocktails using home made Wild Violet syrup are just about perfect! Can we find Violets foraging in the UK?


May Mixtape

Did you happen to notice May was a particularly good month for music? Lots of brilliant new albums released now find themselves on heavy rotation on my speakers and in my ears. So here is a little playlist of some of my highlights from (mainly) May releases - if you find something you like then I thoroughly recommend checking out these artists full albums.

Coincidentally nearly all these artists happen to be playing Glastonbury //// insert girly squeals \\\\ now it's June I am officially allowed to get over excited!


Day Tripping in Bristol

A few weekends ago we took a little day trip to Easton, a part of the city I've never been to before. Can you believe I've lived in Bristol 6 years and there are still parts of it left for me to explore?! I'm so spoilt for choice with amazing cafes, restaurants, pubs and independent shops on my door step that it's actually quite rare that I stray far from my usual stomping ground of Gloucester Road, Montpellier and Stokes Croft.... that sounds awful doesn't it? But if you know this part of Bristol, I know you'll know what I'm talking about!

Easton was great for having a little wander about on a sunny day and especially worth a visit if you're a fellow foodie.

Good things in Easton...
MAITREYA VEGETARIAN RESTAURANT: We had the most wonderful lunch in the light and airy atmosphere of this lovely restaurant (best bean-burger ever!). They have a recipe section on their website which I look forward to delving into.
BRISTOL SWEETMART: An amazing Aladdin's cave of speciality foods, filled to the brim with all those ingredients that you won't find/will be charged an inordinate amount for in the supermarket. We came home with bulging bags and of course we just had to invite friends over for an epic homemade curry night that evening to make use of our booty straight away! Sweetmart have an online shop too, so check them our if your searching for an unusual ingredient or to stock your store cupboard with spices.
EAST BRISTOL BAKERY: Do check out this award winning craft bakery's gorgeous Tumblr for full on carb porn.
No12 Easton: Although we had a look round this deli & cafe (and lovely it looked too) we didn't actually stop for food or coffee but I have it on good authority - twitter, other bloggers - that it's really tip-top.... in fact the just won 'Best Cafe Food' at Bristol Good Food Awards so if that's not an excuse for us to hurry back to Easton I don't know what is!

Outfit details:
Me // top - Zara // jeans - Topshop // satchel - The Cambridge Satchel Co. // necklace & ring - MADE Fair Trade // belt - Camden Belt Man //
Will // jumper - Farah Vintage //


Seasonal (Savoury?) Strawberries

As the saying goes 'the proof of the pudding is in the eating' and there is surely no better proof that fruit and veg taste best when in season than the strawberry? The mountains of fresh local berries you'll find at  your nearest greengrocer bear almost no resemblance in taste to those fat white tasteless things we're encouraged to smother in chocolate on Valentines Day!

Over breakfast yesterday, we got to wondering how strawberries could be used in savoury dishes initially I wasn't sold on the idea but there are lots of flavour combinations that can make it work. Generally the idea is to balance out the sweetness; paring strawberries with balsamic vinegar is no new thing, they also love lime juice, chilli, basil, mint, most fresh herbs actually. Treating them as you would tomatoes is perfect as a jumping off point.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has some ideas here, some a little more odd than others - strawberry pizza anyone?! - and I'd like to try almost all of these 20 recipes.

For starters I decided to try an idea that seemed to be most common in the search results...

Strawberry & Avocado Salsa

1 punnet of strawberries (minus those I ate on the way home) // chopped
1 ripe avocado // diced into small chunks
1/2 a red onion // finely chopped 
A tablespoon of jalapeƱo // chopped (optional)
A hand full of fresh coriander (cilantro) // roughly chopped
5 fresh mint leaves // finely chopped
Zest of one lime
Juice of one lime

Simply combine all ingredients & season.

This salsa is pretty delicious, certainly worth a try as a change from good old tomato salsa. Try serving with any grilled meat, perfect for that barbecue I hope your having today!

Next I'm itching to try strawberries in a warm salad with that other seasonal star asparagus in a warm salad along side some salty parma ham and a dark stick balsamic reduction, also combined with ginger, soy & green chilli I think strawberries could be great with chinese style pork. Are there any savoury strawberry recipes you've tried or would like to?