Vintage On The Small Screen // Mad Men Vintage Emmy Ads

Ah Mad Men, when I try to write about it, it all gets a little too gushy ...lets just say I LOVE it............
*a lot*. If like me you're feeling glum that part 1 of Season 7 is over and we have to wait a whole year to find out how it all ends (although, at the same time glad that it's not all over just yet) don't worry there's plenty online to keep you going - at least until the brilliant Boardwalk Empire is back in September.

Want to see plot synopsis for each episode on post-it notes accompanied by wicked doodles? This is the blog for you! However, if you like to get all deep into the plot and symbolism of of the show then check out Frances Roberts' Den of Geek reviews. Lots of other good reads on Flavour Wire, The Guardian & Buzzfeed (of course!).

If you're more about the style than the substance then check out Tom & Lorenzo's style posts or how about a handy catalogue of every single outfit worn by Megan - ever!

Ok, all that makes me feel better about my obsession, and last but not least these gorgeous Emmy campaign posters AMC have released are simply brilliant... which is your favourite?

If you also love talking about Mad Men please comment away! What was your favourite episode/ moment/outfit? Sally Draper has to be the best dressed child in TV history right? Is it weird that after years of disliking I now pretty much love Pete Campbell??! And how on earth are the gonna end it? Knowing Mad Men there's a lot of loose ends that won't be tied up.

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