This week I...

...loved wearing my new Mödernaked back pack which arrived in the post this week. I splurged out a bit to buy it but I've been looking for a new bag to use for work for  months and considering it was handcrafted in Spain from lovely natural fabrics I'd say it's worth every penny euro cent.

...used my slow cooker for the first time in ages to make a simple but delicious sausage, cider and tomato stew. The slow cooker is out of its dusty box and living on my kitchen counter and I plan to use it at least once a week during the colder months.

...laughed watching all of Lena Dunham's 'Ask Lena' video series. The GIRLS creator answers problem page style questions her fans have sent in and in typical Lena style her answers are frank, heartfelt and hilarious. Her book 'Not That Kind of Girl' comes out next week - Christmas wish list starts here!

...had brunch with friends last Saturday at Zazu's Kitchen, the wait was *long* and the staff seemed stressed but brunch isn't about rushing and you know I'll forgive them everything for that hot sauce. Then last Sunday Will and I went for lunch with his parents at The Kensington Arms. I recommend this place very highly, especially for a special occasion, the food at The Kenny is brilliant - they even won best pub food at this year's Bristol Good Food Awards.

...went to #BlogClub. Run by the fabulous Haley (Bonjour Blogger) & Sophie (Saints On A Plane) #BlogClub give Bristol bloggers a chance to hang out, eat cake and talk about all things bloggy, this month's was hosted by Trunki in their incredible Bristol HQ - office slide anyone?! This time our focus was blogging for brand and business. We heard from Fritha and Charlotte, the ladies behind Tigerlilly Quinn and Black Heart Creatives respectively, about how they use blogging in conjunction with their brilliant businesses and Mel from Trunki talked to us about what brands look for when working with bloggers - check out Trunki's 'Top Tips' here. It was all very interesting and inspirational! This was the second meet up I've been along to and it was great to catch up with a few people I met before as well as meet some new bloggers and add some lovely new blogs to my Bloglovin' reading list. Here's their links so you can add them to your lists too...

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What made your week a little more awesome?

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