Lunch at Sky Kong Kong | Hay Market, Bristol

 I've been meaning to pay Sky Kong Kong a visit since it came on to my radar through food blogs and social media when it opened back in August and a recent Saturday mooching around central Bristol provided the perfect opportunity to do so. The ever changing, locally sourced menu sounded intriguing and its great to see another restaurant pop up in what used to be the darkest corners of the Bear Pit - Sky Kong Kong's neighbour Mathilda's Chilli is one of my favourite spots to eat in Bristol.

The decor at Sky Kong Kong is a perfect combo of rustic and minimal. With its gorgeous dresser full of crockery, communal tables, bookshelves and mis-matched chairs you feel as though you could be eating in someone's home, but you know, one of those uber-cool homes you only see on Pinterest.

I gather from their twitter feed and website that rarely is the same dish served up twice at Sky Kong Kong. Instead chef Wizzy creates a new menu daily based on what seasonal, fresh organic ingredients    are available and what tickles her fancy I assume.  We were served a bento box (bento bowl?) which included marinade stir-fried strips of beef as the main event along with rice, crab-stick, sausage pieces, a plethora of crunchy vegetables, kimichi and chilli sauce. The meal was not quite like anything else I've had in a restaurant before but it was exactly the sort of food I love - fresh, healthy, full of flavour with a good spicy kick. At £6.50 the lunch was perfectly good value and the service was quick and friendly. I left feeling satisfied, nourished and inspired to try and recreate similar dished at home. 

I look forward to going back and although I'd love to sample their sushi (which you can be sure of on a Friday), there's a lot of fun in turning up not knowing what's in store. I definitely recommend checking out Sky Kong Kong for yourself - let me know what you think if you do!

Sky Kong Kong, Haymarket Walk, Bristol Centre
Lunch - £6.50 | Website / Twitter

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