A Very #BlogClub Christmas !

I went to my first Bristol Blog Club meet-up, run by Bonjour Blogger, back in March and meeting and getting to know the blog club ladies and of course reading their fab blogs has definitely been a highlight of my 2014. Last Wednesday Blog Club had a Christmas mixer at Betties and Baldwins hair salon. Generally we focus on a particular blog related topic (and cake) but this event was more about hanging out, drinking Presecco, eating mince pies and feeling festive! There was a raffle with some excellent prizes from The Body Shop and Bristol Hippodrome amongst others,  silly fun with cracker toys, a considerable amount of chat about Zoella, dozens of photos taken, Cadi from Betties and Baldwins was hand all evening providing suitably seasonal mini-manicures and we all went home with a goody bag of Lush products. So all in all a pretty good night!

'Betties and Baldwins' happens to be where I get my hair done anyway and I highly recommend them. With a name taken from a Clueless reference they basically already win at everything, but also the salon is run by lovely people who are super skilled with their scissors, the place looks amazing and they have the best playlist of mid-2000s RnB a girl could wish to listen to while getting her hair did! Check out their work on their website here.
Last photo via SW Blogger Network 

Thanks to the #BlogClub & SW Blogger network ladies for organising another great night, B&B for hosting, British Corner Shop for all the delicious grub and Lush for the goodies. Check out the links for the bloggers who joined in with the evening's festivities below and add them to your reading lists post haste! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Blog Clubbers and look forward to seeing you in 2015! xx

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  1. It was so lovely to have met you! I had an absolute blast!

    1. You too Lori! Excited to follow you're brand new blog too :) Hope to see ya at a Blog Club in the new year x

  2. One of my goals for 2015 is to actually make it to a Blog Club event. Earlier in the year they always seemed to fall on evenings when I wasn't free and then the last couple of months, I've been free but can't physically get there as I'm still recovering from breaking my ankle back in September. One day though, I'll actually be there! :-) xx

    1. Aww sorry you've not been able to make one yet. But look forward to meeting you in 2015 Louisa! x

  3. It was lovely to meet you :)