Playlist : Winter Winds

I'm a big fan of Christmas music, not necessarily the cheese they pipe out in shops (although there's a  time and a place for a bit of Mariah!) but with Spotify at my finger tips the last few Christmases have been soundtracked by all manner of festive tunes from different genres and eras - but there's plenty of time for that.

This is a playlist of seasonal songs that aren't quite Chrismassy but make me feel suitably festive all the same, perfect songs for cosying up with a glass of something mulled on a cold night. So if you're not quite ready for Christmas tunes just yet then hopefully this wintery playlist will see you through until you're ready to break out the Bing!

Are there any songs or albums that you love for this time of year that aren't your typical Christmas tunes?

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1 comment:

  1. Nice playlist, I love that Joni Mitchell tune it's one of my all time favourites x