A Snapshot of a Merry Little Christmas

// 1. Wrapping presents while watching The Nightmare Before Christmas and some Christmas bling!
// 2. Cosying up at Will's parents house.
// 3. My gifts all ready and waiting.
// 4. Picking up lovely local meat from the farm shop on Christmas Eve.
// 5. The first stocking I've had in years!
// 6. Beautifully wrapped presents from Will.

Happy New Year! Doesn't it feel like Christmas was ages ago already? We had such a lovely time over Christmas spending the day with Will's family in Wiltshire then driving down to Devon to see my lot on Boxing Day. These few pics are just a small snapshot of the calm before the fun festive storm really, annoyingly I barley took any later on Christmas day or in the following days we spent with my family - I'm adding 'take more pictures of people, not things' to my new years resolution list!  

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