This week I...

...Had my first 2015 trip to the cinema to see The Hobbit. It was good fun and a fitting end to the trilogy (which I think everyone agrees should have just been 2 films!) I definitely preferred this instalment to the first two Hobbit films but none of them are quite up to the LOTR standard in my opinion.

...Had a burger a Five Guys. As we were at Cabot's Circus to go to the cinema we thought we give the newly opened branch of US burger chain Five Guys a try. I wasn't particularly impressed to be honest. If you're after a dirty fast food burger then it's decent enough but at £20 for our meal (without drinks) it's pretty pricey for what it is. Free peanuts though, so that's something.

...Failed massively on Monday. The first day back in the office was always going to be a toughie, but I made the morning particularly difficult my managing to walk all the way to work with out my backpack which had my work MacBook and everything I need for the day in it! I had to walk all the way home and back again. At least I got some well needed exercise I guess!

...Stepped up the wedding planning. A blog post coming up about this soon - SPOILER: it's a tad stressful all this wedding business!

...Pinned a lot of mid-century modern inspiration to a new Pinterest board of mine. I love the above print above (via here), I decided not to do a dry January this year so it seems particularly appropriate this week.

...Listened to this song quite obsessively.

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