Vintage on the Small Screen : Mad Men Season 7 Teasers

Its nearly here! After witnessing the beginning-of-the-end last year with Season 7 part 1, next month Mad Men returns for the last time for a final seven episodes. Although in June last year I was cursing AMC for applying the 'Breaking Bad' formula and giving us a year long mid-season break, right now I'm pretty glad that there are still new episodes remaining and the recently released images and teaser trailer have got me pretty excited!
Over the last few years Mad Men seems to have caused the online conspiracy-theory machine to grind into gear in a way not seen since Lost's polar bear, so of course these images, poster & trailer are being dissected all over the shop! 
- Is the song used in the trailer a clue we will have jumped to its release year 1976?
- Will we finally see some resolution between Pete & Peggy or Joan & Roger?
- Look at Betty lounging in every photo - still on the therapy couch after all theses years.
-Poor little blurry-in-the-background Bobby, you will never be a relevant child to the Drapers!
Head over to Flavorwire or Slate to indulge in the speculation.

On a style note, I'm not personally such a fan of these floaty 70s dresses, although if Sally's blue outfit found its way into my wardrobe, I wouldn't be upset. The "Every girl is a Jackie or a Marylyn" early 60s era will always be the pinnacle of Mad Men chic for me.
Speaking of which in anticipation / celebration we have recently started watching the entire series from the beginning. We're half-way through season 2 and have about a month to go until the new series starts...so if you'll excuse me, I'm off to watch some more episodes!

Mad Men Season 7 
UK / Sky Atlantic 9th April 2015
US / AMC 5th April 2015

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