WORN... down to the woods

I just had to share some more pics from our lovely trip to see the boats of Withdrawn in Leigh Woods so here are some shots of me and Will from the day. To read about the exhibition and see more photos of the beautiful boats without my silly posing check out my post here.

Worn // Me // Light house print blouse - clothes swap (Sugar Hill Boutique); Denim shorts - H&M; Shoes - old season Armistice; Backpack - Modernaked; Bracelet - vintage; Camera - Lomography Diana Min 35mm in White; Will // Striped T-shirt - Topman (similar here), Cactus print shorts - H&M;

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New Finds & Lovely Things #8 : Outlaw Artisan Craft Show, Bristol - PREVIEW

Next weekend Outlaw brings its Artisan Craft Show to Bristol for the first time, taking over the Passenger Shed at Bristol Temple Meads on May 2nd & 3rd. I wanted to let you know now so you can get that date in your diaries because this does not sound like your average craft fair! 

As well as being able to watch 'Makers in Residence' do their thing, there's plenty of opportunity to get your own 'craft on' with taster workshops, demonstrations and a free 'Make & Take' theatre. Once you've learnt a new skill you can grab all the bits you need to become a master in the supplier zone, which I will definitely be visiting to stock up on supplies for wedding crafting. There is also set to be a host of foodie vendors and live music to accompany the day.

Amongst all that are 80 exhibitors from across the UK picked especially for the show. Here are just four awesome items from independent designers who will be at the show which caught my eye when browsing Outlaw's Meet The Makers Page. I'm going to be going along on Saturday and can't wait to see all the lovely artisan wares in person!

//1 - Wooden Postcard by Humble Cottage

//2  - Lake Enamel Mug by  Rolfe & Wills

//3 - Collar Clips by Ladybird Likes

//4  Pegasus Plush Cushion by Sky Siouki

See the full list of vendors here.
Tickets are £6 on the door (under 16s free)


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Netflix Recommendation : FRANK

At the weekend I watched a brilliant British indie film called Frank. I missed it at the cinema last year so was happy to notice it had recently been added to Netfilx.

Vaguely based on author Jon Ronson's experience in Frank Sidebottom's band in the 80's Frank is set in the modern day and follows the story of Jon (Domhnall Gleeson), a small town keyboard player who lives with his parents and has a pitiful Twitter following. After standing in for their suicidal keys player at a local gig Jon suddenly finds himself part of experimental rock band The Soronprfbs. The band are fronted by the enigmatic mask wearing Frank, who, despite the fact that his face is covered for the majority of the film, is played brilliantly by Michael Fassbender. The supporting cast who make up the band are great too especially Monsters actor Scoot McNairy as band manager and the always awesome Maggie Gylennhaal as aggressive theremin player Clara.

Locked away in a cabin studio to record an album, struggling to be accepted by the other band members Jon documents his experience with The Soronprfbs online and their audience begins to grow. Starting out as a 'fish-out-of-water' story the film cleverly plays with this genre as well as the typical tropes of band movies - in today's industry of 'buzz' and YouTube stats there's more threatening the making or breaking of a band than the front man's ego! 

I loved the film's quirky, off-beat dark humour and can definitely see myself coming back for repeat viewings of Frank. Put it to the top of your 'to watch' list on Netflix and once you've watched you can listen to the excellent soundtrack, which I've had on repeat on Spotify here.

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Wedding Planning // 'Save The Date' Weding Podcast

The Save The Date Podcast is, as their slogan says, the number one podcast about all things 'weddingy'. It's a twice weekly show which covers all sorts of topics related to this crazy business of wedding planning and I often feel like maybe it was made just for me! You see for starters I have somewhat of a podcast addiction. As someone who finds it hard to turn my brain off I find listening to someone else's voice in my head for a while very relaxing not to mention entertaining and often educational, so naturally I found myself checking iTunes for wedding related shows very soon after we got engaged. Which brings me to the second reason making me feel that Save The Date might be especially for me - its first episode was published on the 4th of November, mere days after Will popped the question on those Halloween Pumpkins... coincidence? Well yes, entirely actually... but one that I'm so pleased about!

Although a big advocate of podcasts I can't say I had particularly high hopes for what a wedding podcast might entail. The non-traditionalist in me feared it may be lessons on proper ways to word invitations and seating plan etiquette but that is exactly what Save The Date is *not* about! Instead it's a show which encourages you to celebrate your individuality and have exactly the sort of wedding day that is right for YOU as a couple and nobody else. Save the Date's host Aleisha McCormack is one straight talking, awesome Aussie lady, who loves weddings but isn't shy about calling up the bullshit that can go along with planning your big day. From the lack of diversity in the industry to crazy family dramas and unrealistic expectations caused by Pinterest and blogs, Save the Date tackles it all and looks at ways brides-to-be (and grooms of course) can take steps to cut stress, save money and have altogether more fun when wedding planning.

Save the Date releases two episodes a week. On Monday we get the main show which is usually on a particular topic or theme and often features an interview, guests so far have included a host of industry experts and vendors as well as top wedding bloggers like the fab Kat Williams of Rock n Roll Bride. Thursday's show is a Q&A episode in which Aleisha offers advice and suggestions to listeners who have sent in their wedding planning dilemmas. The way Aleisha empathises with her listeners and connects with them online is another reason why the podcast is so great. As she says on her show she'd like you to think of her as your "far-away wedding planning friend" and she really lives up to this - drop her a line on Facebook or Twitter and she'll get back to you, pose a question to her and she'll probably read it out on the show - as she did mine here.

Even when the topics don't relate to me directly I find the show really funny, entertaining and interesting, it's been fascinating learn about Jewish and fusion weddings and also how traditions and expectations vary across the globe. Just hearing about other people's experiences, planning complications and funny wedding stories is refreshing  as quite frankly I sometimes just get tired of talking and thinking about planning our own!

Whatever sort of wedding you are planning (or maybe even helping to plan) I guaranty there will be something in Save The Date for you.  If you haven't downloaded a podcast before it's very easy to get started and free - download the show straight to you phone via iTunes or Android app or you can stream online without subscribing using Acast. As each episode covers different topics it really doesn't matter where you start, but I recommend subscribing for the latest and if you're like me you will have worked you way through the back-catalogue in no time. If you're at a particular point in your wedding planning why not have a browse and see which episode might prove most helpful. Maybe you're getting 'Hitched in a Hurry', or after some advice on being 'Budget Savvy', or 'Wedding DIY'. Basically dive in, start listening and join our awesome Save The Date wedding planning gang - No 'Obligation Guests' allowed!



//// Read about our Halloween engagement here.

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Boats in Leigh Woods : WITHDRAWN

This wonderful flotilla of abandoned fishing boats is an instillation entitled 'Withdrawn' by Luke Jerram. Beached in the heart of Bristol's Leigh Woods the boats were unveiled this weekend and will be on display for 6 months. The artist hopes that the misplacement of these vessels to an unusual environment will spark conversations and questions about their previous home on the ocean. Has over-fishing rendered the boats useless or perhaps a tidal surge or changing water levels has left them moored here? To consider the environmental issues further spend some time on Withdrawn's interactive website.

In Saturdays's glorious sunshine the old boats looked quite beautiful and it was so much fun to discover them as we went on an epic walk though Leigh Woods - we felt like we were on a Wes Andersen style adventure!

If you are local to Bristol I highly encourage you to discover these boats for yourself. As well as being there to visit  in the woods day or night, there is also a series of events taking place at the location over the next 6 months which includes a performance of one of my favourite Shakespeare plays The Tempest. Check out the website for more info.


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New Finds & Lovely Things #7 : That's A Dinosaur !!!

I was in the process of creating a different 'Lovely Things' post when I came across The Whitepepper's new collection which includes a whole lot of dinosaurs! These are my favourite dino pieces but I am pretty much in love with the whole of this season's collection, right down to the Shark Print Kimono

Actually, while we're talking dinosaurs what do you guy think of the Jurassic World trailer? My thoughts are these...Chris Pratt - *yay*; also I like how Bryce Dallas Howard's short bob seemingly gets more messy and cute as things get scary; not sure about genetically modified dinos though.

//1 - Monochrome Dinosaur Twin Set

//2  - Black Dinosaur Clutch

//3 - Embroidered Dinosaur Jacket

//4 - Muticolour Dinosaur Smock Dress

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Checking In...

Things have been at little bit crazy of late but the days have looked like this. 

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New Finds & Lovely Things #6 : < Insert Egg Pun Here >

Happy Easter weekend. When it comes to eggy-goodness you can keep your chocolate I'd rather have  the real thing!

//1 - Mog Egg Cup : I love Donna Wilson's ceramics. I already have her beardy man but I wouldn't mind adding this one to my egg cup collection.

//2  - How To Boil An Egg by Rose Bakery : This book of purely egg recipes sounds amazing and has the most gorgeous illustrations.

//3 - Filipino Breakfast Print by Beautifique : I love this print I found on Etsy. If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll probably already know how much I love hot sauce and hot sauce on eggs is the absolute best! Not so sure about the rice and spam included in a Filipino breakfast but I'd love to give it a try!

//4  Vintage Egg Cartons from ThridShift Etsy store : I sometime worry that my home is full of what some people might consider old rubbish but I just love things like these old egg box so much!

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MARCH : This Month I...

This month I...

...Had a pretty epic birthday.  With my 29th birthday on March 1st I kicked off the month with a whole lot of celebrating with loads of my lovely friends. There was dinner at Stick & Broth, bowling at The Lanes, followed by a birthday brunch and plenty of bloody marys at Zazu's.

...Made this playlist to keep me company whilst willing Spring to stick around.

...Went to one of my friend's Dad's wedding. One of the more random evening dos I've been invited to but as our friend was only back from Australia for a few days for the wedding we made a bit of a school reunion out of it and had a lot of fun. 

...Went to three excellent gigs. This month's live music included Nick Mulvey at The Academy who was on excellent live form as ever, GoGo Penguin who played in a run-down court room which was completely epic and Ben Howard was amazing at the Anson Rooms.

...Sent Save-the-Dates. Finally, got round to telling some people that we'd quite like them to come to our wedding. Also went to the Bristol Vintage Wedding Fair, blogged about trying on dresses at Heartfelt Vintage and hunted for bridesmaid inspiration with my sis.

...Attended a BareMinerals blogger event and had a bridal make-up appointment with them. It's been great to learn about and try out some of their lovely products - blog post coming soon.

These round up posts are great for reminding me of all the fun I've packed into the previous month especially as to be honest I really haven't been feeling my best during March, but it wasn't such a bad month looking back on it.

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