Boats in Leigh Woods : WITHDRAWN

This wonderful flotilla of abandoned fishing boats is an instillation entitled 'Withdrawn' by Luke Jerram. Beached in the heart of Bristol's Leigh Woods the boats were unveiled this weekend and will be on display for 6 months. The artist hopes that the misplacement of these vessels to an unusual environment will spark conversations and questions about their previous home on the ocean. Has over-fishing rendered the boats useless or perhaps a tidal surge or changing water levels has left them moored here? To consider the environmental issues further spend some time on Withdrawn's interactive website.

In Saturdays's glorious sunshine the old boats looked quite beautiful and it was so much fun to discover them as we went on an epic walk though Leigh Woods - we felt like we were on a Wes Andersen style adventure!

If you are local to Bristol I highly encourage you to discover these boats for yourself. As well as being there to visit  in the woods day or night, there is also a series of events taking place at the location over the next 6 months which includes a performance of one of my favourite Shakespeare plays The Tempest. Check out the website for more info.


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