Netflix Recommendation : FRANK

At the weekend I watched a brilliant British indie film called Frank. I missed it at the cinema last year so was happy to notice it had recently been added to Netfilx.

Vaguely based on author Jon Ronson's experience in Frank Sidebottom's band in the 80's Frank is set in the modern day and follows the story of Jon (Domhnall Gleeson), a small town keyboard player who lives with his parents and has a pitiful Twitter following. After standing in for their suicidal keys player at a local gig Jon suddenly finds himself part of experimental rock band The Soronprfbs. The band are fronted by the enigmatic mask wearing Frank, who, despite the fact that his face is covered for the majority of the film, is played brilliantly by Michael Fassbender. The supporting cast who make up the band are great too especially Monsters actor Scoot McNairy as band manager and the always awesome Maggie Gylennhaal as aggressive theremin player Clara.

Locked away in a cabin studio to record an album, struggling to be accepted by the other band members Jon documents his experience with The Soronprfbs online and their audience begins to grow. Starting out as a 'fish-out-of-water' story the film cleverly plays with this genre as well as the typical tropes of band movies - in today's industry of 'buzz' and YouTube stats there's more threatening the making or breaking of a band than the front man's ego! 

I loved the film's quirky, off-beat dark humour and can definitely see myself coming back for repeat viewings of Frank. Put it to the top of your 'to watch' list on Netflix and once you've watched you can listen to the excellent soundtrack, which I've had on repeat on Spotify here.

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