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The Save The Date Podcast is, as their slogan says, the number one podcast about all things 'weddingy'. It's a twice weekly show which covers all sorts of topics related to this crazy business of wedding planning and I often feel like maybe it was made just for me! You see for starters I have somewhat of a podcast addiction. As someone who finds it hard to turn my brain off I find listening to someone else's voice in my head for a while very relaxing not to mention entertaining and often educational, so naturally I found myself checking iTunes for wedding related shows very soon after we got engaged. Which brings me to the second reason making me feel that Save The Date might be especially for me - its first episode was published on the 4th of November, mere days after Will popped the question on those Halloween Pumpkins... coincidence? Well yes, entirely actually... but one that I'm so pleased about!

Although a big advocate of podcasts I can't say I had particularly high hopes for what a wedding podcast might entail. The non-traditionalist in me feared it may be lessons on proper ways to word invitations and seating plan etiquette but that is exactly what Save The Date is *not* about! Instead it's a show which encourages you to celebrate your individuality and have exactly the sort of wedding day that is right for YOU as a couple and nobody else. Save the Date's host Aleisha McCormack is one straight talking, awesome Aussie lady, who loves weddings but isn't shy about calling up the bullshit that can go along with planning your big day. From the lack of diversity in the industry to crazy family dramas and unrealistic expectations caused by Pinterest and blogs, Save the Date tackles it all and looks at ways brides-to-be (and grooms of course) can take steps to cut stress, save money and have altogether more fun when wedding planning.

Save the Date releases two episodes a week. On Monday we get the main show which is usually on a particular topic or theme and often features an interview, guests so far have included a host of industry experts and vendors as well as top wedding bloggers like the fab Kat Williams of Rock n Roll Bride. Thursday's show is a Q&A episode in which Aleisha offers advice and suggestions to listeners who have sent in their wedding planning dilemmas. The way Aleisha empathises with her listeners and connects with them online is another reason why the podcast is so great. As she says on her show she'd like you to think of her as your "far-away wedding planning friend" and she really lives up to this - drop her a line on Facebook or Twitter and she'll get back to you, pose a question to her and she'll probably read it out on the show - as she did mine here.

Even when the topics don't relate to me directly I find the show really funny, entertaining and interesting, it's been fascinating learn about Jewish and fusion weddings and also how traditions and expectations vary across the globe. Just hearing about other people's experiences, planning complications and funny wedding stories is refreshing  as quite frankly I sometimes just get tired of talking and thinking about planning our own!

Whatever sort of wedding you are planning (or maybe even helping to plan) I guaranty there will be something in Save The Date for you.  If you haven't downloaded a podcast before it's very easy to get started and free - download the show straight to you phone via iTunes or Android app or you can stream online without subscribing using Acast. As each episode covers different topics it really doesn't matter where you start, but I recommend subscribing for the latest and if you're like me you will have worked you way through the back-catalogue in no time. If you're at a particular point in your wedding planning why not have a browse and see which episode might prove most helpful. Maybe you're getting 'Hitched in a Hurry', or after some advice on being 'Budget Savvy', or 'Wedding DIY'. Basically dive in, start listening and join our awesome Save The Date wedding planning gang - No 'Obligation Guests' allowed!



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