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You may remember that earlier this year I visited At-Bristol for the first time. Back in February on the evening of Valentine's Day we went along to the science centre's After Hours event which was fittingly themed around Love & Luck - read my post here. Being able to wander around and interact with the exhibits drink-in-hand and without any kids about was so much fun that I was very excited to be invited back to check out May's event. Especially as this After Hours was all about FOOD and was being run in conjunction with the week-long Food Connections Festival which was taking place across the city.

The food theme meant that as well as the usual exhibits there were a number of foodie things to explore. This included sniffing our way around different foods as we learnt that some odd food combinations actually smell similar due to having chemicals in common and we discovered a host of interesting spices at the Bart Spice Kitchen, we even got to make our own spice mix to take home. We also found ourselves taking part in an experiment in the psychology of appetite which was particularly amusing. The team behind the experiment, which was effectively a piece of interactive theatre, had put a lot of effort into creating a fun feature which attempted to demonstrate how our brains influence how full-up we feel. 

Another reason I was excited to pay At-Bristol a visit again was that since we last went there has been some major updates to their Planetarium. In what is now the UK's only 3D Planetarium we were able to watch the Summer Star Gazing show in Ultra High Definition 360 Digital 3D! Although I tend to prefer watching my movies in 2D the 3D visuals suit space exploration perfectly and the amazing 3D effects added a really fun, immersive element to the experience - I especially enjoyed flying through the beautiful Milky Way. If you have little ones under six or 3D leaves you feeling giddy (not in a good way) there are still 2D shows available which are equally as engaging but I definitely recommend exploring the stars in 3D if you get a chance.

Once again After Hours proved that the science centre really is a lot of fun for big kids too. Keep your eyes on their Twitter feed for details of the next time you'll be able to explore  At-Bristol child free!

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