Mad Men : (a few of) My Favourite Moments In Pictures

There is a sense of trepidation when an adored show comes to an end. After audiences have invested years in these characters there's a lot of pressure on those final moments of the last episode to deliver a a sense of closure and a fitting ending - thankfully Mad Men's final episode last week achieved just that. For me the season finale ended on a perfect note, another brilliant moment in a show that has too many amazing scenes for me to make any definitive 'favourites' list. So here are just a few of my favourite (often musical) moments from the TV master piece that was Mad Men  (SPOILERS AHOY)...

//1. Season One, Episode Nine: 'Shoot' - The image of Betty in her nightdress shooting at her neighbour's pigeons will always be a personal favourite. No one else could make acting bat-shit crazy look so good. 

//2. Season Three, Episode Three: 'My Old Kentucky Home' - in this episode we not only see that Joan's talents include playing accordion and singing in French but also...

//3. Season Three, Episode Three: 'My Old Kentucky Home' - ...that Pete can Charleston!

//4. Season Three, Episode Eight: 'Souvenir' - I love everything about the Drapers date night in Rome... The interaction between Don & Betty, her flirting in Italian, that beehive.

//5. Season Five, Episode One: 'A Little Kiss' - one of the shows more cringe worthy musical moments is iconic none the less.

//6. Season Five,  Episode Seven: 'At the Cod Fish Ball' - the moment I realised I will never be as cool as Sally Draper!

//7. Season Six, Episode Thirteen: 'In Care Of' - Don opening up about his childhood to his own kids set to the tune of Joni Mitchell = perfection.

//8. Season Seven, Episode Six: 'The Strategy' - Peggy and Don's dance is maybe the sweetest moment in the entire seven seasons.

//9. Season Seven, Episode Seven: 'Waterloo' - yet another beautiful musical moment for a surreal and poignant farewell to Burt Cooper.

//10. Season Seven, Episode Twelve: 'Lost Horizon' - best. entrance. ever. This had me cheering 'you go girl' at the telly.

//11. Season Seven, Episode Thirteen: 'Person to Person' - Ommmm.

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