Outlaw Artisan Craft Fair, Bristol

Inspired by the indie craft fairs they've seen in The States the mother and son team behind Outlaw are on a mission to create exciting crafty events here in the South West providing something a little bit different than your average craft fair. I was kindly invite to go and check out the event for myself, so last Saturday Will and I went along to the beautiful Passenger Shed to see what an Outlaw Artisan Craft Show is all about.

Arriving hungry we of course made our way directly towards the food and although there was only a couple stalls to choose from the option of Vietnamese street food is always going to be a winner for me, especially the deliciously fresh and flavourful dishes served up by Viet Vite. Appetites sated we set about exploring the fair, starting with picking up some dress making tips from Millie Moon's Anna Vickery who was giving a talk in the demo theatre. As well as watching demonstrations from expert artisans I think one thing which made this show particularly unique was all the different opportunities to actually get involved in the crafting too. There was a number of workshops people could book onto over the weekend and a 'Make & Take' theatre with a program of sessions that allowed people to try their hand at a craft and take their creation home.
Probably our favourite part of the day was spending time chatting to 'Maker In Residence' Ben Goodman who alongside exhibiting amazing prints was working on his ridiculously intricate etchings in his pop-up studio. We even got to have a go on his printing press and create our own miniature prints to take home, they are now quite fittingly sat atop our vintage printers block tray.
There were oh so many rows of beautiful stalls, as you can see from my photos there was so much to look at and definitely something for all tastes. Favourite finds included Nelly's Treasures' awesome cushions (I want them all!) and Humble Cottage whose vibrant quirky designs I fell for when I first saw them online and faced with their amazing wooden postcards in person it was a hard task choosing to buy just two I can tell you! Also picked up a couple of treats from Ladybird Likes - the only seller not a new discovery for me - Will treated me to some of their gold sparkly heart-shaped collar pins. Not sure what I did to deserve them... maybe it was taking him along to an awesome craft fair!
In a city brimming with fantastic artisans, independent shops and people who embrace all things hand-made the Outlaw Artisan Craft Show seemed completely at home here and I'm certain their unique brand of fair would be welcome back to Bristol any time!


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