Restaurant Review : Sticks & Broth, Bristol

Dubbed the ‘Rise of Ramen’ the last couple of years has seen a surge in popularity for the hearty Japanese noodle-broth, with Ramen Bars specialising in the dish appearing across the UK. Serving delicious ingredients and exciting flavours by the bowl-full Baldwin Street’s Sticks & Broth is responsible for bringing the trend to the centre of Bristol and is doing so in fabulous fashion.

Alongside the aforementioned Ramen the menu boasts succulent Yakatori ‘sticks’, dumplings, tempura and Donburi rice dishes all of which come out of the open-plan kitchen wonderfully presented. As good looking as the food is however upon tasting you could certainly not accuse the restaurant of producing style over substance. Ramen is a dish of many components which Sticks & Broth bring together beautifully in all senses, perfectly harmonising its elements.

There is a choice of ramen here to suit all pallets and preferences: grilled tofu sits pretty in the veggie option, hot and spicy kimchee ramen is a seafood lover’s dream, the chicken ramen is much milder but equally flavourful and ardent carnivores will have a hard time choosing between options of duck, beef brisket or pulled pork. Teeming with quality ingredients Sticks & Broth’s ramen is incredibly good value for money, I’ve no doubt the seemingly bottomless bowls will satisfy even the largest of appetites.

With oriental inspired street art sprayed onto black walls Sticks & Broth’s d├ęcor wouldn’t be out of place in a sci-fi film set in the Tokyo of the future, complete with fantastic alienesque lampshades that seems to have a life of their own. However, much like the food they serve, many elements come together perfectly in a seemingly effortlessly cool fashion. Far from feeling like part of a fad Sticks & Broth is one of Bristol’s most exciting new restaurants and I recommend you get yourself along to try a hearty bowl of goodness as soon as you can!

Sticks & Broth, Baldwin Street Bristol

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  1. Ramen is a favourite of mine! Lovely post!


    1. Thanks Julia. Ramen really is the best ain't it?! :)