Wedding // FOUR MONTHS TO GO!!

This Wednesday we had an appointment with Bristol Registry Office to give our notice of marriage. I didn't really know about it before we were engaged but giving notice of marriage is part of the legal stuff we have to do here in the UK - you have to do it at least 28 days before your ceremony and you have to get hitched within one year of doing so. The later certainly won't be a problem for us as this week coincidently marked 4 months to go until our wedding day - it's getting scarily excitingly close! We have a long list of things still to do but on the other hand it kinda feels like it's all starting to come together, well... our ideas are at least. 

It was such lovely weather on Wednesday that I decided to pack a picnic for us to have before our registry office appointment at 7pm. In to my picnic basket I packed some marinated olives, made a roast pepper quinoa salad and grilled a whole mackerel with lime, chilli and coriander. Maybe it sounds a tad over-the-top but the fresh fish needed cooking that day plus it seemed like a nice excuse for a little celebration. I wouldn't always make such elaborate food for a picnic... well maybe I would! I met Will after he finished work, we sat near the river in Castle Park and enjoyed the evening sun with some good food and beer. Randomly the march against austerity was just finishing up in Castle Park at the same time so our romantic date night was set to the sound of the protesters chants. Not that we minded -  it was a very Bristol picnic!

At the registry office we signed the necessities which will let us get legally hitched in a mere few months time and after that we headed home but not before grabbing some ice creams on the way (the new coffee flavour Magnum is completely delicious by the by). We had such a lovely evening and it feels nice to mark these little milestones as we get closer to the big day - not that you really need any excuse for a picnic in the park of course!

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