My Weekend In Numbers

This weekend was a funny one. We didn't really have any plans so had our sights set on getting lots of things ticked of our wedding to-do list. We achieved quite a bit but as Will had a lot of work to do over the weekend (boo!) we didn't get as much done as we'd hoped. Still the sun was shining and weirdly not doing a lot made the weekend feel longer somehow. I've been pretty busy recently what with starting a new job (yay!) and going along to some fun blog events. Plenty to blog about but while I work on getting those posts edited here is a weekend-in-numbers style thing in the mean time. x
120 minutes spent being enthralled and exhilarated whilst watching Mad Max: Fury Road in eye-splitting 3D at the cinema on Friday.

1/2 an hour to wolf down a Wagamama before getting to the film on time!

10 hours (at least) spent on wedding planning. Talking, thinking, list making, emailing, website building, invite designing!

22 Jump Street. It's on Netflix... not as good as the first one but still god fun. 

8 eggs cooked. This was for more that just brunch I promise.

6 Episodes watched of Netflix Original Series Chefs table. Each episode of this beautify shot documentary series focuses on a different top chef from around the world. A must for any fellow foodies.

0 the number of units of alcohol consumed all weekend (well until Sunday afternoon when we rewarded our selves with a pint in the sun!)

Lovely stationary from Paperchase.

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