Catching Up

Budleia Butterfly Bush Bristol

Oh hello, It's been a while since we caught up! 

In a way I can't believe it's only been about a month since my last post because boy have I been busy! Since June I have started a new job, spent a week at Glastonbury Festival and been on my hen do. I also had my bag stolen! That was a huge pain-in-the ass and along with my phone and purse, I also lost my lovely bag. So, no more outfit posts (like this & this) with my beloved Cambridge Satchel - waah!!

The lack of posting however has a lot less to do with all that and a lot more to do with the craziness of wedding planning stepping up a gear. I'm sure we spend too much time thinking about, talking about, worrying about (and bickering about) le big day but with less than two months to go now, the last month or so has felt like a biggy in terms of making some key decisions. There's still plenty to make, do and buy but it feels like my Arya style kill-list of wedding to-dos is getting a little shorter.

Finally a random note on how much I love all the beautiful Buddliea that's in bloom at the moment. Back in April when I posted this Checking In post and pretty picture I had just been made redundant (hence the vagueness), and the the blossom was in full swing. Buddliea (or butterfly bush) is definitely less Instagram worthy but I think I prefer it - it's basically a weed, but it just looks and smells so nice!

Well, it feels good to jot a little something down here, being busy is all well and good but I miss not getting a chance to have a little moment to reflect and document what's going on. Oh and if you do fancy keeping up with me when thinks go quite round these parts you can always follow me on Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat - NothingNewBlog.

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