One Week A Wife

And what a week it's been...

A week of feeling overwhelmed with just how wonderful our wedding day was, of bursting with love for our amazing friends and family and thanking our lucky stars that lovely weather followed us on honeymoon from the south to the north of England.

A week of relaxing and Christmas-level indulgence, full of left over wedding wine, cheese & chutney, open fires, games of backgammon and falling asleep on the sofa (we know how to live it up!).

A week which included one of the best meals I've ever had, some of the most spectacular views I've ever seen and the one of the most beautiful places I've sayed.

Although the last week has been all kinds of dreamy, I'm actually also looking forward to getting back to normal, not having a wedding to plan and enjoying *married life*... might even find time for some blogging!

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