Our Wedding: The Legal Bit

As our lovely wedding venue in South Devon didn't have a wedding licence we decided to not worry about having a legal ceremony as part of our day and instead took care of that bit beforehand. This allowed us to have a very personal ceremony, exactly how we wanted it, in a beutiful setting at our Devon wedding. Although we were already officially married, that day was the real thing to us and we will celebrate our anniversarry on September 12th, but of course doing the legal bit beforehand seemed like a fine excuse for a little pre-celebration-celebration...

The "legal bit" took place in Bristol the Saturday before. Will and I got ready and arrived together and met a few close friends at the Bristol Register Office. We decided against inviting family in the end as they all live outside of Bristol and it felt like making too much of an event of it to invite them all along - the point was to keep it all low key and chilled out, which it was... and also quite a lot of fun. Oh and we also took the opportunity to walk down the aisle together to Father John Misty's 'Honey Bear' - we deemed the lyrics too risque for our proper wedding - so we loved that. 

The morning ceremony was short and sweet, we didn't have any readings or exchange rings as we saved all that for the following week. We did however have a ridiculously exciting suprise guest as my friend had just flown in from Australia. I felt bad as she was home to deal with an unhappy family situation but I couldn't help but be so pleased of the silver-lining that she go to be there for at least part of our wedding celebration. I didn't know she was going to be there so I was pretty suprised when I saw her as me and Will walked in together!

^^ super surprised ^^
^^ these guys ^^
After the ceremony our group of nine took a little walk around the harbourside before heading to our favourite pub - The Christmas Steps. We had a yummy lunch and spent the majority of the rest of the day sat in the pub drinking bubbly, chatting and laughing.

The rather drunken walk home was pretty funny with a stop at the always tasty Biblos, who gave me and Will free wraps (YAY!), bridesmaid Carrie took to telling everyone we passed that we 'JUST GOT MARRIED' and Will *almost* dropped me as he carried me into our flat. The evening ended with a whole lot of dancing in our  living room - which is pretty much my favourite way to end any night in Bristol.

Doing the our legal vows seperately from our main wedding day may seem rather untraditional but it really did allow us to have a very personalised ceremony the folllowing week in Devon. This included our own vows and our ceremony being written and led by a friend, which was incredibly special. I'll be writing more about all that and of course sharing photos very soon! But the day of 'the legal bit' turned our to be pretty special too and I also love that we sort of managed to get married in both a beutiful farm by the sea and our lovely Bristol - who says you can't have your (wedding cake) and eat it too?

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  1. I love this idea - you get to have double the celebrations, and also means you don't have to stick to any formalities you don't want to include on your proper day.

    Looks you had a fab time and I can't wait to see more of your wedding snaps x

    Sophie Cliff

  2. Thanks Sophie, it really did work best for us doing it that way. Plus any excuse to drink more prosecco is a winner!

    We got our official photos back from our proper do this weekend so expect more wedding pics super soon! xx