Lacock Village & Abby, Wiltshire : A Few Snapshots

The village of Lacock, owned by the National Trust, is the epitome of English quaintness, a fact which means it's served as the ideal filming location for many films and tv shows. You may well have spied the village and Lacock Abbey in the likes of Wolf Hall, Downton Abbey and Harry Potter - I was most excited by the later obviously!

We visited recently with the in-laws and had a lovely walk around the village and abbey and stopped for a delicious hearty lunch at The George Inn. I really recommend it for a nice day trip. The village is so pretty - although to really feel transported back in time I would love to see it without all the parked cars.

Here's a few snapshots of our day...

1 // This dog had David Bowie eyes... someone had name it Lily but I think it knows its name is really The Thin White Duke.
2 // Lacock has some dreamy doorways
3 // The Tithe Barn
4 // These meringues were amazing
5// ...truly amazing
6 // It can't be just me who wants to steal items from National Trust properties for my own home - especially kitchen wear.
7 //  The halls of Hogwarts!
8// Latticed window - In 1835 William Henry Fox Talbot captured this window in the very first photographic negative. Here it is captured my iPad 180 years later.
9 // We found these pumpkins for sale on the drive home and it pretty much made my month! 

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