Sunday Best

Happy Sunday! My weekend has been mainly spent finishing Christmas Shopping and watching Star Wars films. What have you been up to? 

For your clicking pleasure, here's my little round up of the best of the web this week...

// I laughed out loud watching the Instagram Husbands video. Poor Will can definitely sympathise.

// Carrie Fisher has been consistently awesome in interviews on The Force Awakens press tour.

// Jay Rayner wrote a glowing review of Bristol favourite pizza place Flour & Ash. Although I take issue with his use of the phrase "Clifton Chic".

// Wanna touch Shia LaBeouf's soul? Give him a phone call - #TouchMySoul

// I've only just caught up with Lena Dunham's amazing podcast Women of the Hour. It made me feel intense lady emotions and sisterhood feels.

// In other podcast news... Serial is back baby!

// Great list from Wriggle of 10 Gifts for under £15 from Bristol independents.

// On Saturday night I made Lamb Dhansak from scratch using this recipe and it was delicious.

// Turning to Pinterest for some gift wrapping inspiration.

Image LucasFilm.

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