Sunday Best : Bowie Tributes

Urgh this week. 

As a huge David Bowie fan the sad news about his death has left me broken hearted and blue. However, along with the grief and sadness it's been so lovely to see the outpouring of love and celebration of his amazing life. There's been some incredibly beautiful and moving tributes here's a few of my favourites...

// Stardust for Bowie - A lighting bolt constellation has been named after Bowie by Belgian astronomers and you can add your favourite song to the constellation as a tribute on the website.

// What I wouldn't give to have been in New Orleans as Arcade Fire hosted a David Bowie parade!

// Musicians, film makers and other creatives share their favourite Bowie song.

// Amanda Palmer with some wise and lovely words.

// Time Out shared a poster made up of 101 legends who were influenced by Bowie.

// Bleubird blog shared a wonderful selection of images.

// Jimmy Fallon being sweet.

// Life On Mars by St Albans Cathedral organist.

// Sali Hughes in The Pool on why the "grief police" should just sod off and let everyone share their mourning how they want.

// And many more must read Bowie Tributes.

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