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Although I was actually in the office in between Christmas and New Year the first full week back is always a bit of a killer. So after a tired week the weekend has been spent indoors hiding from the rain, cooking, eating, sorting & planning - perfect January vibes. Here's my favourite bits from around the web in the first week of this new year...

[Edit: I wrote this post  sat on my bed listening to Bowie's new album on a rainy Sunday afternoon, before the sad sad news of his passing came on Monday morning]

// David Bowie's new album Black Star came out this week. Find out what the great man was doing when he was your age.

// I was given a wonderfully cosy shawl for Christmas and just bought another in the Urban Outfitter sale. Legitimately getting away with pretty much wearing a blanket is my new thing.

// Celeriac, Goat Meat & Middle Easten Cooking - here's  2016's Food Trends.

// Everything I know about life I learned from Ani Difranco - Me & Orla posted some beautiful, powerful quotes from the brilliant poet & songwriter.

// This Debrief post Things You Only Know If You Went to an All Girls School  really rang true with my personal experience of same-sex ed and made me feel lucky to still have such good school friends in my life.

// Five Things Star Wars The Force Awakens Has Taught Us About Feminism

// I left it too late to grab tickets for Cannoli & Gun's The Grand Budapest Hotel film & banquet event in Bristol - so hope they add another night!

// "it’s your right to define what you love about a band, and it’s your right to decry their actions and words as you see fit" - James Murphy eloquently explains / defends why LCD Soundsystem are back

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