Vintage On The Small Screen: And Then There Were None

One of my favourites from this year's pick of Christmas Telly was the BBC adaptation of Agatha Christie's 'And Then There Were None' which features some pretty gorgeous vintage style inspiration. The story follows ten strangers who are invited to a remote island by a by a mysterious host. When the party starts to get killed off one by one the guests, who include Tywin Lannister, Rita Skeeter and Poldark, realise there is a killer amongst them!

Set in 1939 and filmed on the Cornish coast the production looked beautiful and certainly succeeded in having me thoroughly creeped out by its conclusive third episode. What really caught my eye  - aside from a shirtless Aiden Turner - was the shirts and dresses worn by female lead Vera. Her refined secretary style, all pussy bow shirts and long pencil shirts, was right up my street in terms of vintage style. Me? Lusting over a sweet vintage style shirt... SHOCKER!!

Did you watch 'And Then There Were None'? What did you think of the show and it's vintage style? If you missed it I recommend watching it on the BBC iPlayer whiles its there.

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