Whole 30 Meal Plan: Weeks Two & Three

Here's my Whole 30 Meal Plan for weeks two & three. The last couple of weeks have definitely been easier than the first, with hunger and cravings staying at bay. I've also noticed a real rise in my energy levels (that much lorded Whole 30 hole grail!).

I also ate out twice last Saturday. With a few little tweaks to menu options I had a bun-less avocado & fried egg burger at The Old Bookshop and a chicken salad at Biblos on the Hill. I did my best to check that everything was Whole 30 compliant but I can't be 100% sure. I decided to be ok with that as it's the only time I'm going to be eating out this month.

I've mainly been packing leftover for lunch at work so I haven't listed many lunches below. Links to recipes and how I Whole 30'd them up!

Day Eight // Saturday
Dinner - Steak w/ Sweet Potato Chips & Coleslaw

Day Nine // Sunday
Dinner - Jerky Ham Hock 

Following this Jamie Oliver recipe - swapping honey for apple juice & omitting the rum.

Day Ten // Monday
Dinner - Roast Aubergine & Tomato Courgetti

Day Eleven // Tuesday
Dinner - Lemon & Herb Mackerel Fillets, Cauliflower Rice and Tahini Dressing (recipe)

Day Twelve // Wednesday
Dinner - Apple Cinnamon Pork Chops

Following this recipe - swapping cider for apple juice, omitting the sugar and using a little coconut milk instead of cream.

Day Thirteen // Thursday
Dinner - Blacken Salmon & Green Goddess Salad

Blogged the recipe for this favourite here. 

Day Fourteen // Friday
Dinner - Sticky Sesame Chicken

Day Fifteen // Saturday
Lunch -Avocado & Fried Egg w/ Coleslaw at The Old Bookshop
Dinner - Jerk Chicken at Biblos on the Hill

Day Sixteen // Sunday
Lunch -  Chicory & Tinned Mackerel Salad
Dinner -No Bean Chilli

Day Seventeen // Monday
Breakfast -Mushroom Omelette
Lunch -Roast Sprout Salad with Lemon Dressing
Dinner - Courgetti Puttanesca

Day Eighteen // Tuesday
Dinner - Chile Roasted Chicken & Sweet Potato (recipe)

Day Nineteen // Wednesday
Dinner - Stuffed Peppers & Smoked Mackerel fillets (recipe)
Day Twenty // Thursday
Dinner - Pork Steaks, Mashed Squash & Charred Fennel
Day Twenty One // Friday
Dinner - Lamb Kofta  & Cauliflower Tabouleh

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