Post, the Last.

Hey there...

Just dropping by to say this is kind of the end for Nothing New. After a non planned blogging hiatus last year (wedding planning sucks the life out of you takes up all your free time) the time felt right to star a fresh. I have launched a brand new blog and I'd love you to follow me over there... onceaglimpse.com.

Go check it.  I plan to fill my new little corner of the internet with beautiful photos that maybe captured on Lomography film or snapped on my iPhone; with wholesome delicious recipes; with stories of adventures had and lessons learnt; with music and playlists; with hopes, fears, dreams… food! Things that inspire me and may hopefully inspire you too. I have plenty scheduled for the coming weeks to give you a taste of what to expect. Thanks to everyone who's been reading along and ever left me a comment. I do hope you'l keep reading... onceaglimpse.com.

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  1. I adore everything about this post. it's basically my life. me time = best time.xxx